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Trump-Brexit: From Lightning Bolts to Lightning Rods

 (photos Open University and The Guardian) When Theresa May said “Brexit Means Brexit”, nobody knew what it meant.  Well they do now, they think it means Trump. Donald Trump was elected and the UK referendum found for Brexit both by … Continue reading

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Links and Resources on Motivational Values

Chris Rose (updated 8th August 2020) I often get asked about values study examples, data and how the CDSM Values Modes system works.  Below are some links to posts at this blog, in my Newsletters/ articles and elsewhere, … Continue reading

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Please David Attenborough: For Nature’s Sake, No Planet Earth III

BBC production genius, big budgets and the gentle charisma of David Attenborough were combined to take the BBCs hallmark nature spectaculars to new heights in Planet Earth II. It is more awe inspiring, more immersive, more cinematic than ever before.  … Continue reading

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