The Sun and Murdoch Values


Here, according to people surveyed by CDSM Cultural Dynamics ( are the regular readers of The Sun, the flagship Murdoch newspaper in the UK.   This is the boundary between ‘Brave New World’ (BNW) Settlers, who have a strong drive for group identity, and the Golden Dreamer subset (Values Mode) of Prospectors, who are seeking esteem of others.

Of the 1,000 questions posed by CDSM in its 8,500 person British Values Survey, those most powerfully defining this group concern the Attributes (a cluster of strongly correlated questions) “Power” and “Material Wealth”.  These people are ‘heading towards’ attitudes and beliefs like visible success and later, fun and hedonism but they are currently still very disciplinarian, like the Settlers, and can be very quick to take offence, especially if they sense any threat to their advancement in life.  They tend more than other groups, to believe in conspiracies and easily get “riled up” by being told not to do something on “ethical grounds”. Gaining power in any form – money, influence, control – is a strong driver.  An ex NI Executive recently recounted in a tv documentary, how an exec’ from The Sun boasted that his newspaper had “no ethics”.  This is the values set where anything goes if you can get away with it.  what’s ‘right’ is “whatever works” (to give me/my group power).

GD s 1

A few years back Pat Dade (Director of CDSM) said the Golden Dreamer mindset is: ”  I can have it all – but where do I start ?  Life is a game game – and it is important that I don’t lose. Respect for my competence is essential – even if I have to fudge the results to make myself look better.  I know when I look good, to others, I feel good.  Guys with power are not losers, therefore power is what it is all about.  Get the power and all else follows – keep the dream alive at any cost !”  Now think about how Rupert Murdoch’s empire operated – for example the way it tried to back winners in British politics …

GD s 2

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