Shaun Keaveny’s take on climate change, floods, bat-killing heatwaves and UK govt policy

Transcript – Shaun Keaveny BBC 6 Music Breakfast Show – from 01 hrs 55 mins 

9 January 2014

“Just quickly though, a bit of news … extreme weather events … I’m sure it’s all coincidence and there’s nothing to worry about … no climate change issues here.

[squeaky voice of politician] ‘Nothing to see here – go and buy something’. 

Disappointing sales figures over Christmas.  Didn’t I tell you specifically, to get off your backsides and go and buy stuff ?!  But you didn’t, did ya ? Eh ?

[plaintive listener] ‘But we’ve already got a telly’

I said ‘get another one !!’

Anyway it’s a bit miserable here.  It’s freezing in America of course … Around a thousand bats have fallen from the sky and died in Australia.  Temperatures of up to 43.C are to blame for the mass deaths, in at least twenty-five colonies.  So it’s actually been raining dead bats in parts of Australia. Now I know we moan about our weather over here but I don’t know about you but I would rather have a bit of chilly drizzle than be smacked on the back of the neck with a dead bat.

It’s just all I’ve got to say about it”.

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