The values of regular Guardian readers


Here you see almost the exact opposite to the post below. The great bulk of Guardian readers espouse Attributes like Justice (eg human rights and treating refugees or immigrants the same as anyone ‘British’), care for Nature, Global (not being bothered by foreigners in the country), Open-ness (open to hearing the ideas of others) Adaptable (not wanting fixed rules) and Equanimity (being relaxed and generally happy).  This values set often puts them at odds with BNWs and Golden Dreamers along an axis known as ‘Power versus Universalism’.  These Pioneers also score highly on ‘non acquisitive’ – the opposite of Material Wealth. Not surprising then, that the very ‘ethical’ values epitomized in the journalism of The Guardian were eventually the nemesis of the Murdoch phone hackers.

Curiously, there is a small but distinct outlier group of Golden Dreamers who also claim to be regular readers of The Guardian, despite their apparently opposed values set.  Pat Dade says “we do not know exactly who these people are but it could be that they are active power-seekers, whether in business or politics, who will read a paper like The Guardian to see what many successful people are up to, or to find out about “the opposition”.  When we survey political activists (a tiny proportion of the population at about 3%) we often see this split, between Transcender Values Mode Pioneers, and Golden Dreamer Prospectors.

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