Reports, Newsletters and Blogs Related to Climate Change and Values

Here’s a collection of stuff from my website and blogs on climate change on values and mostly on both.  Reports, newsletters and blogs.  Hope it is useful to those interested in such things.

Broadening the Appeal of Environmental Action through Values-Framing Uplift (2014)

Why We Need Climate Crises To Avoid Catastrophe (2013)

Why Heuristics Work And Why Campaigns Need A Psychological Makeover (2012)

Changing Climate Campaigns: Time To Retire the Apocalypse (2012)

Guidelines For Communicating With Settlers, Prospectors and Pioneers (2012)

The Emotional Case for Nuclear Power, And the Rational Response to Climate Change (2011)

The Lesson of Kansas: Change Outcomes – Minds Can Follow (2010)

Climate Change Campaigns: Keep Calm But Don’t Carry On (2010)

It’s The Children Stupid ! (2009)

VBCOP – A Unifying Campaign Strategy Model (2009)

Who Gives A Stuff About Climate Change and Who’s taking Action ? (2008)

Research Into Motivating Prospectors,Settlers and Pioneers To Change Behaviours That Affect Climate Emissions (2007)

Sustaining Disbelief: Media Pollism and Climate Change (2007)

Climate Change Communications: Dipping a Toe Into Public Motivation (2005)

UK Climate and Values Study Results (2005 with data set and Values and Voters study)

Blogs (some with links to more material): Uptake of solar pv by UK Settlers Evidence That Changing The Frame Can Improve Appeal Across Values Groups UK Politics and Values – Beyond Class Pure values dog whistle: Daily Mail calls for overseas aid claw-back [values and flooding response] A Comparison of Values In Five Countries The Cornered Dinosaur and the Carbon Hostages (Arctic oil) Two Good Reasons Not To Play The ‘China Card’ (China coal and renewables) Use the Tax To Move the Money to Stop Investment in Fossil Fuels Obama: It’s Hot in Here – So Let’s Cut Pollution (framing Why Opinion Polls May Not Matter As Much As You Think on Climate Change. Or Much Else Besides The Speed We Respond to Climate Change The Unwise Campaign Footprint And Its Impact on The Carbon Footprint (climate campaign design) Climate, Energy and Values: Surveys from Five Countries Summary of Values Based Segmentation – Values Modes Tea Party values – also probably relevant to UKIP in the UK Renewables: Make The Issue The Need and the Potential, Not The Policy Target A Heuristic for Values Narratives applying values to the UK DEFRA green segmentation Values by age (UK population) The values of regular Guardian readers The Sun and Murdoch Values

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