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What’s The Greater Risk: Nonylphenolethoxylate or Showing Your Knickers At The Oscars ?

Here’s a values dilemma. When  Bond-girl and Pirates of the Caribbean actress Naomie Harris previewed an eco-dress for The Oscars, a slew of mainstream media and blogs like The Daily Mail, OMG Yahoo, and The Sun all ran the story, … Continue reading

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A Comparison of Values In Five Countries

Numerous Campaign Strategy Newsletters have reported on how people’s unconscious motivational values affect development of ‘issues’ and responses to offers and asks, at an individual level.  At a group or national level, the relative proportions of the ‘Maslow Groups’ of … Continue reading

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How To Tell If You Are Winning

It’s sometimes hard to tell, and the nearer you are to the “coalface”, the harder it can be.  Here’s a few pointers (for more see How to Win Campaigns: Communications for Change). First off, forget the debate.  It only takes … Continue reading

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