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Chris Rose (updated 8th August 2020)

I often get asked about values study examples, data and how the CDSM Values Modes system works.  Below are some links to posts at this blog, in my Newsletters/ articles and elsewhere, that may be useful.

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My Book: What Makes People Tick: The Three Hidden Worlds of Settlers, Prospectors and Pioneers, available through link opposite.

Summary briefing on values (at Maslow Group level of Settlers, Prospectors and Pioneers).

Links to descriptions of the 12 Values Modes within the three large segments of Settlers, Prospectors and Pioneers are at the home page of where you can also can sign up to my free newsletter.

Newsletters (pdf downloads) index:

CDSM site with shedloads of stuff including descriptions of the ‘Attributes’ shown as dots with names, on the UK version of the values map:

Take the CDSM values questionnaire here  It emails you the result – follow link for your own Values Mode info

The same questionnaire can also be found here at the website of The Campaign Company (TCC) which makes use of the values segmentation system. TCC regularly share values research insights in their free newsletter.

I tweet things about anything new I come across on values etc from  @campaignstrat

Academic study on why attempts to change values are not likely to work (so instead we need to design offers and asks in ways that engage different values groups, to get desired behaviours)  Why social values cannot be changed for the sake of conservation by Michael J. Manfredo et al (2016)

Presentation on values by me at ECF Conference in Oxford

Some reports and articles and blogs with values content

General/ Strategic/ Tactical

Tragedy or Scandal? Strategies of Extinction Rebellion and Greta Thunberg (discusses the risk of values polarisation, 2020)

Values Group Changes in the UK 1973 – 2020  (shows the gradual shift to a more Pioneer society, 2020)

How Change Campaigns Get Populated By The Usual Suspects  (2018)

(explains the values-sieve effect which often leaves campaigns presented in terms requiring high self-agency to attract a very unrepresentative values segment of society)

I tweet things about anything new I come across on values etc from  @campaignstrat A Two-Track Tool For Issues Development and Campaign Design (2018)  UK: Most People Say Supermarkets Should Stop Selling Drinks in Plastic Bottles (2018) In UK, 84% Say ‘Phase-Out Plastic: Essential Uses Only’ (2018)  Identity Factors and Values in Britain: A Survey (2018) Why We Suddenly Have A Plastics Crisis (2017) Seven Values Strategies UK Charity Types by Motivational Value  Why Simply Countering ‘Fake News’ With ‘Fact Checking’ May Not Work (2017)

Broadening the Appeal of Environmental Action through Values-Framing Uplift (2014) [shows how two reframings create uplift but especially in two of the three values groups]

Why Heuristics Work And Why Campaigns Need A Psychological Makeover (2012)

Climate Change Campaigns: Keep Calm But Don’t Carry On (2010)

It’s The Children Stupid ! (2009) [baby heuristic – children have cross values resonance]

VBCOP – A Unifying Campaign Strategy Model (2009) [values drive behaviour, due to the consistency heuristic people rationalise the behaviour, they then adopt opinions in line with that – this can be used to affect politics]  Outline International Values Planner  – Democracy Strategy Template – links to on Arab Spring, also links to ‘Maslow Goes to War’ A Heuristic for Values Narratives applying values to the UK DEFRA green segmentation Values by age (UK population) The values of regular Guardian readers The Sun and Murdoch Values It’s A Prospector World (global summation of data) A Comparison of Values In Five Countries Tea Party values – also probably relevant to UKIP in the UK  What’s The Greater Risk: Nonylphenolethoxylate or Showing Your Knickers At The Oscars ?  values dilemma (toxics campaigns)

Formative Qualitative Research Example

Example of use of qualitative research segmented by values, to develop action proposition (in this case across all three values groups).  Marine conservation project for example (for Natural England) in my book with images – How to Win Campaigns: Communications for Change, and described with links in a Newsletter here


Brexit & UK politics – with values content Brexit Values Story Part 2.1 [with data on voting] (2017)  “Oh Jeremy Corbyn” – Will You Chose The Old or The Young ? (2017)  The Most Interesting Campaign in the UK General Election (2017) The Bubble Print: A New CSR Frontier for Google and Facebook (2017) The Values Story of the Brexit Split (Part 1) Brexit, values and age (after the result) What’s Wrong with the Brexit Campaigns ? (before the result) The Brexit Values Battle (before the result) Brexit and the green NGOs (internal values split – before the result) UK Politics and Values – Beyond Class Pure values dog whistle: Daily Mail calls for overseas aid claw-back [values and flooding response] Labour Lost the Prospectors, so Labour Lost the Election


Mainly Related to Climate or Energy – with values content

(the values principles often apply to other ‘issues’)

Killing the Wind of England

Posted on April 18, 2019 by Chris

How The Values-Politics of Eurosceptic, Climatesceptic Conservatives Halted (onshore) Wind Energy in England – example of how the opposition successfully played on values to mobilise and focus opposition to pro-climate policies, in this case onshore wind (a UK ‘values backlash’ a bit similar to gilets jaune)  Getting The Message Right – article in UNA Climate 2020

Why We Need Climate Crises To Avoid Catastrophe (2013)

Changing Climate Campaigns: Time To Retire the Apocalypse (2012)

The Emotional Case for Nuclear Power, And the Rational Response to Climate Change (2011)

The Lesson of Kansas: Change Outcomes – Minds Can Follow (2010) [Settler engagement on renewable energy] Two Climate Strategy Suggestions for Paris  Suggestions for Paris – Part 2 – Time To Put Fossil Fuels ‘Beyond Use’ [not really about values but might be of interest] Values and Climate Issues in Five European Countries  Climate Change: Surveys From Fifteen Countries Uptake of solar pv by UK Settlers Evidence That Changing The Frame Can Improve Appeal Across Values Groups The Cornered Dinosaur and the Carbon Hostages (Arctic oil) Two Good Reasons Not To Play The ‘China Card’ (China coal and renewables) Use the Tax To Move the Money to Stop Investment in Fossil Fuels Obama: It’s Hot in Here – So Let’s Cut Pollution (framing Why Opinion Polls May Not Matter As Much As You Think on Climate Change. Or Much Else Besides The Speed We Respond to Climate Change The Unwise Campaign Footprint And Its Impact on The Carbon Footprint (climate campaign design) Climate, Energy and Values: Surveys from Five Countries Renewables: Make The Issue The Need and the Potential, Not The Policy Target

Who Gives A Stuff About Climate Change and Who’s taking Action ? (2008)

Research Into Motivating Prospectors, Settlers and Pioneers To Change Behaviours That Affect Climate Emissions (2007)

Sustaining Disbelief: Media Pollism and Climate Change (2007)

Climate Change Communications: Dipping a Toe Into Public Motivation (2005)

UK Climate and Values Study Results (2005 with data set and Values and Voters study)


Nature and Values

(a few are not specifically about values) analysis of attitudes to nature by location (rural urban etc) and values (values survey on introducing young children to nature) Why Our Children are Not Being Connected to Nature (about ‘nature blindness’ –– links to longer report Why Our Children are Not Being Connected to Nature; nature or lack of in popular culture, and the role of values etc here) (link to article in Ecos making case that the generational nature learning link is broken – see and story of Fairyland Trust in relation to nature understanding, plus also Ecoteering invented for NE, both designed to work across values groups about frame-changing from for-climate or for-nature to for-children and the uplift you get – more impact on Settlers and Prospectors than for Pioneers: data (see also above) Time to put chemical farming indoors (about ‘blander Britain’ – effect of eutrophication) (about the nightingales campaign – now superseded somewhat by ) (by Melanie Oxley about nature tables) (about hay and road verges) (by Phil Rothwell about the ‘splatometer’ and farming and shifting baselines) (about the Moth Snowstorm) (about Oliver Rackham)


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